The design of Ocean is extremely architectonical, but still with an organic touch. The handle has got volume and a solid touch, working like a handle on a bicycle.

A firm, solid tap with a voluminous handle that grows out of the basic, essential form. Ocean is the powerful sea and rolling waves.



Finishes AS AL  

LN Suffix for Black Handle  /  LB Suffix for White Handle



305 2

Ocean 305AS LB

185mm Basin Mixer

Ocean 305 Drawing



Ocean 306AS LN

265mm Basin Mixer

Ocean 306 Drawing



307 2   307 3

Ocean 307AS LN                                Ocean 307AS LB

Concealed Mixer

Ocean 307 Drawing




Ocean 310


Ocean 310 Drawing




311 311amb2

Ocean 311                                                        Ocean 311 + 312+12

Outlet                                                                                                          Outlet with Shower Duplex

Ocean 311 Drawing       






    Ocean 312 + 12AS                                            Ocean 312 +12BT                             Ocean 312 + 12NE                       




Ocean SF017

Body Shower with 36 silicon nozzles per head

Ocean SF017 Drawing



SF018  SF018 2ocean 1

Ocean SF18

Shower Head

Ocean SF18 Drawing