The volcano is one of the absolute archetype figures in our memory. It has a mythological fascination: it pours out liquid straight from deep down the earth.

Volcano, like volcanos, has a powerful way of leading the water “out of the ground” by pouring directly up through the offset conical form and into the spout.

The whole series is realised in AISI316 stainless steel.

Taps in AISI 316 stainless steel, satin finish. In order to get water saving, all wash-basin and bidet spouts are equipped with 5 l/ min aerators. If the spouts are used for bath filling, aerators of greater flow rate are available. 


Finishes AS AL



365 2  36 01.1 36 01

Volcano 36-01 

278mm Tall

Volcano 36-01 Drawing




Volcano 36-02

446mm Tall

Volcano 36-02 Drawing



360 AMB  

Volcano 36-03

473mm Tall

Volcano 36-03 Drawing




Volcano 36-04

190mm Left Spout

Volcano 36-04 Drawing



Volcano 36-05

250mm Left Spout



Volcano 36-06

300mm Left Spout



36 07

Volcano 36-07

190mm Right Spout

Volcano 36-07 Drawing



36 09

Volcano 36-08

250mm Right Spout

Volcano 36-08 Drawing



Volcano 36-09

300mm Right Spout

Volcano 36-09 Drawing


36 10


Volcano 36-10

190mm Bottom Spout

Volcano 36-10 Drawing



36 12

Volcano 36-11

250mm Bottom Spout

Volcano 36-11 Drawing



36 12

Volcano 36-12

300mm Bottom Spout

Volcano 36-12 Drawing




36 40

Volcano 36-40

Wall Mount Mixer

Volcano 36-40 Mixer Drawing


Volcano 36-42

Concealed shower mixer with plate and two-way diverter, with built-in handshower kit.





Volcano 36-62

Rim Mounted Mixers 

Volcano 36-62 Drawing




Volcano 36-63

Rim Mounted Mixer with Hand Shower

Volcano 36-63 Drawing



Volcano 36-42

Wall Mounted Bath/Shower Mixer

Volcano 36-42 Drawing




Volcano 36-43

Wall Mounted Bath/Shower Mixers

Volcano 36-43 Drawing




BV001 AMB1     BV001

Volcano BV001

1250mm Free-Standing Pedastal Bath Spout

Volcano BV001 Drawing