The eighth form is inspired by a natural drop of water in free fall.

Exalted forms the infinity symbol.

Embraced forever from Stainless Steel & Brass.

Hans Thyge Raunkjaer design.



Finishes AS AL  Finishes CR CS AN BT NE


Ottavo 95CR (also available in BT/NE/CS/AN)

Ottavo 95 Installation Instructions



96 1CR AMB96 Kitchen

Ottavo 96CR 

Kitchen Mixer with Pull Out Hand Shower with BT/NE Accents

Ottavo 96 Drawing

Ottavo 96 Installation Instructions




Ottavo 95BT(left)  Ottavo 96BT(centre)  Ottavo 106BT(right)

 Ottavo 95/96/106 Installation Instructions





Ottavo 95NE(left)  Ottavo 106NE(centre)  Ottavo 96NE (right)

Ottavo 95/96/106 Installation Instructions 




Ottavo 136AS

Kitchen Mixer

Ottavo 136 Drawing



Ottavo 260AS

Kitchen Mixer with Pull Out Side Spray 

Ottavo 290 Installation Instructions

Ottavo 290 Drawing





Ottavo 319BT (also available in NE/CR)

Kitchen Mixer and Pull Out Side Spray

Ottavo 319 Drawing 




346 AMB

Ottavo 346CR

Kitchen Mixer with Flat Swivel Spout

Ottavo 346 Drawing